Tuesday, January 31, 2012

feature-smexy beloved!!! -january 31,2012

Be irresistible in this latex outfit.. made for especially for love... Heart print sheer latex minidress with optional matching heart pasties, thong, stockings , gloves and stilettos. Available in Black, white, pink or purple. On sale for only 200L each for 24 hours.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Release - Akasha

She emerges as if from a dream... a vision in white.. the sensuous and romantic Akasha is our new release today. Highly detailed outfit of sheer fabric underlay with wrapped fabric clothing layers. Silken strands of fabric caress every curve in this daring yet demure dress. Includes all clothing, headpiece and boots as well. 250L for 24 hours only.. price goes to 500L tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love Cat Fashion show - Beauty Posh's Winter Fashion Week -Tuesday ,January 17,2012

LoveCats is opened Beauty Posh's Winter Fashion Week with a show featuring LoveCat Thei.
The show had diverse outfits from the dark, mysterious and down right sexy and alluring. The set was
an urban look with motorcyles, taxi and the street. 

all set photos taken by Arina Kalinakov

photo taken by Ariana Kalinakov

Photo taken by Silkie Magic

                                                           THE SHOW

SD Damiano
luscious in LoveCat's "Bellona" outfit.
 This sexy mini-dress wraps around the torso of the model revealing her flawless skin.  The sheer netting on the arms and matching stockings give a "come hither" look to the design.

The dress also has a belted sash that falls nearly to the ankles.  The outfit come complete with sexy black leather and silver buckled stiletto boots.

 This little neko will make you wanna *RAWR* in the sexy "Wildcat" outfit. Lua is sassy in this charming bra top and cropped fur jacket.  The matching fur mini-skirt flares gently at the hips as she moves along the runway.  This alluring neko outfit comes complete with a sexy matching thong, boots and warmers, fur arm warmers, a 2-way chat scripted tail, and adorable twitchy ears.

Looking classy and chic, Veronica wears "Metro."  This outfit will keep you warm on those chilly nights with a black knit poncho over black scoop neck crop top.  The black leather pants are a sassy touch to this exclusive outfit.  This fashionable design comes complete with leather fingerless gloves, black leather belt and leg belts, and black leather boots.

Metro and Distortion

threat-Sakira Mirabella
The dark outfit gives a touch of mystery.  The floor length jacket fastens at the waist giving a low open neckline.  The jacket flares open just past the waistline revealing a sexy black thong As an added touch, the jacket has optional handcuffs for all you bad girls out there.
The outfit comes complete with black leather gloves, bracers, razor sharp claws, thigh high black leather boots that buckle to the top, and detailed silver and black choker.

 Looking like a naughty school girl out to play, Sakira brings us the "Chelsea" outfit.  The sheer crop top seductively covers the pink and black plaid bra top.  The flirty layered black and plaid mini flares just past the hips, revealing her stunning legs.  Also included with this outfit is sculpted knee socks, black heels, pink bangle bracelets, and tattoos.

 Captivating in black, Veronica wears the "Hellcat" outfit.
This revealing dress has a unique sexy design with the low-cut neckline buckling in the front with a detailed silver clasp and again at the waist with a silver buckle.  The ruffled bottom sashays around the hips flatteringly.

Looking at the back of the dress, a matching set of intricate silver buckles clasp down the low back-line.  The outfit comes complete with a sensual black thong, elbow length black satin gloves, and thigh high stiletto boots.


Looking sweet and sassy, Ekaterina joins us wearing "Gunshy."
 The black lace crop top has a low rounded neckline with sculpted off the shoulder ruffled sleeves for a soft feminine look.  The dark denim jeans and black leather chaps help to give her a "tough-girl" look for a great mix of naughty and nice.

This saucy outfit comes complete with intricately detailed skull heels, matching skull bracelet, bangle bracelets, skull bolo tie, and pistols tattoo.

Lua Vendetta
This hot little number is a form fitting bodysuit showing off her sexy form.
 The bold texture and rich blue hue draws the eye as well as the crossing halter top with a plunging neckline.  The outfit includes the enticing knee boots with flowing side ties and matching armband.


 Captivating in black, Veronica wears the "Hellcat" outfit closeup

 Looking sweet and sassy, Ekaterina




in for the kill

closeup in for the kill

This seductive black leather corset is sure to get this sexy model whatever her heart desires.  This revealing corset is enhanced with black lace up stockings and black leather ballet boots with intricately detailed laces and buckles.
natasha modeled by SD Damiano

strike a pose metro chelsea and mai

chesea and Wildcat

hellcat another angle



delightful Ekaterina wearing "Mai."  This sexy outfit consists of a black leather corset trimmed in delicate red lace.  The corset is low-cut with a crossing design at the neck, buttoning with white pearl buttons.  The black pencil skirt sits low on the hips, trimmed at the top with matching red lace.  This lovely outfit comes complete with sculpted arm pieces, torn stockings, and classy ballet boots.

 Looking a little spicy, Veronica enters the runway wearing "Bast"
  This sexy bra top has an intricately detailed texture in shades of blue and gold.  The sexy black leather pants sit low on the hips for an alluring look.  They are accented with a sculpted belt with a detailed silver buckle.

Also included are the black leather fingerless gloves, resizable black leather knee-high boots, a leg strap knife, matching necklace, blue beaded bracelets, and coloful tattoo.

A big thank you to the lovely models at beauty posh and the staff that put together a wonderful show!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Release - Prism

Vibrant and delicious colors to spark your night or day "Prism" is our new release outfit. Sassy, sexy and elegant- you'll be wearing this one for days! Includes top, shimmering pants, liquid silver boots, boa vest, studded belt, bracelets (fit on both hands and wrists) and necklaces.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Featured Today-Born To Be Wild-Friday, January 13,2012

 Vroom vroom! Get your motor runnin'..... and come in for today's feature the sexy leather and denim "Born to Be Wild" Includes destroyed jeans, leather bikini top, leather gloves, bracers, warmers and paws with particle prints, belt too! A steal for only 200L!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Release - Gunshy (for men)

I know you were asking and waiting patiently! Here you go... for you guys- Gunshy. Includes jeans, chaps, tank, tatts, bolo tie, sculpted pant legs and short boots.

Featured today is One Night Stand-January 11,2012

"One Night Stand" Be absolutely unforgetable in this sexy black outfit- shredded mini dress, leather fringed warmers with spikes, matching bracers, gloves, paws with particle prints, necklace included. Only 250L for 24 hours.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

double threat for men and women-Feature-January 10,2012

What is that sexy outfit out in the distance?  Well it's "Threat" of course.  This stunning outfit is available for both the guys and gals.  Each version gives a long trench coat look while still tempting those wondering eyes around you.  Both versions also come with gloves, bracers, claws, and thigh high boots.  To discover the differences hurry in now while the outfit is marked half off to 250L.

Congrats to djmoneymike mixemup

Congratulations to djmoneymike mixup for winning the Logo Contest at LoveCats!!!!  You did an awesome job and beat out nineteen entries!   This logo is fresh , sassy and fits the new look that we are trying to achieve. This will be our official logo when the new store opens up. We are revamping the current store and it will remain in the same location.  All these changes will take us beyond 2012.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Release - Gunshy

"Gunshy" So many have asked for this outfit to have a permanent home in the shop... I just couldn't say no! I've added short boots with skull heels, skull charm bracelet, bangle bracelets, pistol tattoos and also comes with skull bolo tie, top, sculpted sleeves, jeans, chaps and sculpted pant legs. Fun, sexy and baddass!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

todays feature: Eternal- heat it up with this deliciously seductive outfit in 3 colors-January 3, 2012

 A kiss, a touch, love, passion. The moment burns Eternal. Heat it up with this deliciously seductive outfit... Eternal includes top, corset, bottoms, bracelets, arm bands, diadem, resize scripted boots, resize scripted silks skirt in 2 sizes. Available in 3 irresistible color choices. 250L each for 24 hours only.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Natasha-Featured oufit today-January 2,2012

On sale today is the deliciously naughty Natasha outfit! Half off today- only 200L! Includes leather corset, matching leather thigh high lace up ballet boots, corset collar and leather gloves. This will make the boy (and girl) kitties HOWL! http://slurl.com/secondlife/LoveCats%20Island/94/94/999