Sunday, March 29, 2015

Here comes Lil Bunny right down the trail!!

New today at LoveCats Designs! Lil Bunny... a cuddly angel bunny with an angel bunny doll to cuddle. Utter sweetness wrapped in adorable - this new outfit includes a rigged mesh underbust corset, warmers and sleeves, clothing layer stockings, top & bottoms, scripted bunny ears, tail, garter, bunny plushie and omega, tmp, phat azz, cherry bomb & lola appliers.

Make sure you hop on down to LoveCats Designs to pick up your Lil Bunny and hop all over the grid!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hotness Tink has arrived!!!!!

She flitters and flies around your dreams at night. You wish you could capture her or be her. Well now is your chance! Tink is every fairies dream come true! Comes with Mesh corset dress, Cherry Bomb, Tango ,Omega Applier and TMP Appliers, Thong, Slink High Shoes, Wand and Sparkle Emitter. Works for Maitreya, #TMP and other mesh bodies.

Check this out at LoveCat Designs for all your Clothing goodies!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Heart Thief Neko or Not woohoo!!!!!

Someone steal your heart? This little vixen is at the top of the suspect's list. "Heart Thief" is luscious in red with 4 option dress texture hud & 3 texture options for heels (slink & system feet compatible) A fully loaded outfit with mesh dress, gloves & heels, stockings, wings, garters, jewelry & appliers for slink, omega & TMP. Neko version adds matching tail & ears.

Come on down to LoveCats Designs and pick up your Heart thief!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Get vandalized! with LoveCats new release outfit "Tagged" You are the canvas in this graffiti inspired outfit. Colorful yet dark, this is a -must-have- for leather lovers- including spiked & graffiti leather jacket and leather miniskirt (both rigged mesh- 5 sizes), unrigged graffiti boots, rings, necklaces, belt and leg tattoo.

This outfit is so hot you need to come see it for yourself! So come on down to LoveCats Designs and pick up your own copy of the outfit!!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

She swoops in like a predator in the night. Sexy, seductive and wild. Who is she? She's Kitten Von Tease. Sure to make some very jealous and others drool. She is available in 7 color choices, neko or non neko. She was made for slink high feet BUT for those who don't have them, I've included a pair of sweet little toes to wear special for this outfit! They have a tint & nail hud and a bonus pair to wear any day. Includes rigged mesh leopard latex bodysuit with attached corset (5 sizes), 3 top options with tango appliers, masks, rigged mesh gloves, collar, toes with hud. Neko version includes twitchy ears and tail as well.

This is one outfit you do not want to miss!!!!! So make sure you come on down to LoveCats Designs and pick up your fav color whether its neko or not!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A dark and mystical being, Azai embodies beauty, ferocity and sex appeal. This new release comes in neko and non-neko versions. Includes: Delicious Rigged mesh thigh high boots, collar, sleeves and skirt, stretchable unrigged mesh top in regular and tango size, armor, wings,armbands and optional modesty layer with tango applier. Neko version also includes matching tail and ears.

So make sure you run on down to LoveCats Designs and pick up this outfit! It is to die for!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Newness Playtoy Bunny!!!!!!!

Just in time for Easter- new today is the sweet and naughty Playtoy Bunny. You'll be wearing this one all year long! Barely there, sleek clothing in luscious satins with rich hues of teal, purple, pink, red and black options available. Rigged mesh bodysuit and collar with slick black boots, garter, belly piercing, gloves and sculpted prim pieces. No bunny is complete without a fluffy tail, whiskers/nose, and clickable ears. Added is a rucksack filled with Easter treats.

These Smexy Playtoy Bunnys can be found at LoveCats Designs !!!!! So make sure you come on down and get your fav color today!!!!!!!