Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Release - Hush Kitty

For the Kinky Kitties... Ready to play? tease? and please? Hush Kitty includes gorgeously made exposed slave rag dress with beaded and fringed sash skirt, thong, armbands, collar, wrist ropes with AO, gag, resize scripted boots, 2-way chat scripted tail and twitchy ears. 2 optional modesty laters are included... or just go naughty! RAAWR

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Release - Demon Kitty (for men)

Made to go with the popular Ladies Demon Kitty outfit- Here's for you guys! Demon Kitty only 250L for the first 24 hours of release. Includes tattoo, optional shirt,  leather pants, boomers with black particle prints, bracers with claws, wings, horns, twitchy ears, 2- way chat scripted tail too!

As an added treat- the ladies version is only 250L today too! don't miss out on this great price- Half off what it will be at full price!

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Release - Native Princess

After Many many requests for this outfit- I've dusted it off and updated it a bit and am happy to offer it for sale again. Native Princess primwear outfit- Native American costume. Includes prim top (no clothing layer underlay), buckskin pants with fringe or bare legged option with thong, Long hair w/ feathers and headdress, arm bands, necklace, bracelet, boots, resize scripted skirt in 2 sizes. All for only 250L for the first 24 hours of release.