Friday, May 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Luxe

Have you ever wondered what goes on in LoveCats head? The story behind some of your favorite outfits? Now you can get a sneak peek into the world of LoveCats with this special blog exclusive interview about one of the latest LoveCats Neko Shop & Mall design; Luxe!

What inspired you to create this new line of separates?
I've heard it said we need more separates in the shop ;) I thought it would be easy to put together a line of new items that can be worn in different ways- wow was I wrong! It was difficult to choose colors and patterns and which pieces and organizing it all! lol

How did you pick the name Luxe?

Once everything was finished I sat back and looked at the collection as a whole and that was the first thing that came to me. The texturing and vibrant colors I think are what brought this name to mind.

What thoughts went into deciding which pieces to put into the line?
I wanted pieces that could be bought one at a time or as a full ensemble. I had to keep in mind if the piece would be useful with other items in the store and how they go with the other pieces in the line. Also keeping in mind that summer is coming and we always want to keep it sexy ;)

What was the easiest part of making the Luxe line?
I can't think of anything that was easy in this- I set myself up for a challenge here.

What was the hardest part of making the Luxe line?
The organization of it all was a huge challenge. The actual design process was a little easier. I tried to focus on one piece at a time and worry about the big picture later so I didn't get overwhelmed. I think people don't realize how much time and work a designer spends on their designs. It is really a labor of love.

How did you decide upon the colors for the pieces?

I wanted some sweet prints in the mix and a good range of colors geared toward summer wear but that could also be used throughout the year. I wanted there to be something for everyone.

Are you planning on expanding the Luxe line?
Yes. I already have some pieces started.

Anything else you'd like to mention about this outfit?
I hope that everyone can find something they like in this collection and I hope you have fun with it. Fashion should be fun!

Any hints to your next amazing creation?
I'll be adding pieces to this line here and there. I think for my next 'big' project I'll be switching gears- I'm feeling dark and sexy... so will see what comes of that inspiration.

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