Friday, February 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Savage Fae & Savage Kitteh

Have you ever wondered what goes on in LoveCats head? The story behind some of your favorite outfits? Now you can get a sneak peek into the world of LoveCats with this special blog exclusive interview about one of the latest LoveCats Neko Shop & Mall design; Savage Fae & Savage Kitteh!

What inspired you to create this latest design?

My new tabby kitty skins. While I was creating them I was thinking of feral kitties. I was working on another unrelated project that is more fae/fantasy inspired and the two ideas just came together for me. I couldn't help but make the fae version for fun.

How did you decide on a name for this current look?

I went for simplicity on this name, Savage Kitteh and Savage Fae... I love when I don't overthink it. Sometimes the names are so hard to come to lol

What was the hardest part of the outfit to design?

The boots for the fae... I had to really think about what would make sense, be different from the kitty version and still be cute and fun.

What was the easiest part of the outfit to deisgn?

The wings- once I started playing with the texturing they came together very easily for me. I love making wings. I love also having the flexibility to have done a kitty and fae version.

How did you choose the colors for your latest design?

The brown was the color I used to design the outfit. A woodsy brown leather was just a natural choice. I brought in black because I loved the idea of people being able to wear this outfit with the Midnight Tabby skin. Then green of course to further reflect nature and I felt I wanted something lighter and came up with the soft suede-y tan color to complete the set.

Where do you envision someone wearing this outfit? (ie, club, fashion show, date, etc)

Although it might seem odd, they kitty sets are purrrfect for a best in neko contest, since they aren't a style that is seen every day- they really stand out. I think any fun kitty activites are perfect for these outfits and the fae ones too would be excellent for a best in wings contest or exploring.

Anything else you'd like to mention about this outfit?

I had a ton of fun doing these. I really enjoy the unusual looks added into my sexy clothing lines. I plan to keep making a variety so that we can express our many moods..... I think that is the blessing of sl... it is such a tool for expression!

Any hints to your next amazing creation?

Hmmmm hints... think umm.. parade..... beads... ostentation... PARTY!

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