Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LoveCats Hunt - Dark Katz Hunt

Did you know that LoveCats is part of the Dark Katz Hunt? Well now you do! What is a hunt? A hunt is a great opportunity to get amazing items for free or at a low cost. All you need to do is search around the store to find the item in question. For this hunt it's a black neko head and it's hidden somewhere in the LoveCats main store. First, a bit more information on the hunt.

Presented by: .::NOSOTR@S::. designs
Organized by: Lolla Denimore
Starts February 05th
Ends March 05th

The hunt is inspired in Neko-grunge and Sweet-neko style and child avatars, furry avatars,demons,vampires and all the creatures of this wonderfull world are welcome to participate in the hunt. This hunt is for everyone in SL who would like to join in!

You will be hunting the sims for a Kat who is shown close to the ^V^DKH >>3<< ^V^ sign, that one don´t have the prize in it.
The Kat who has the prize in it is hidden inside the store who has the sign in the entrance.

The prize for finding the item is a love outfit designed by LoveCat Thei. You get two items, one for male and one for female. However, they are no transfer so if you want your lover/friend/sibling to match you then they need to do the hunt as well.

Stumped on where to find the prize? Here is a hint;

Maybe this can help you: Who says laziness doesn't pay off?

The female outfit is a very sexy number with a low cut belly blouse accented with a skull pattern. There is also a matching skull necklace to go with it for the men and ladies.

There are two pants options for both men and ladies; ripped jeans or chaps. Both are very sexy but the chaps come with a belt that has a skull buckle.

Of course we can't forget the guys. The guys, as I mentioned, have the jeans or chaps option as well as the skull necklace. The shirt for the men is a fishnet muscle shirt with a skull pattern right in the middle. Makes for a very sexy prop! 

As you can see the hunt is very worth doing, especially if love to match! LoveCats is full of great outfits for girls AND guys so make sure to spread the word about this hunt as well as all our great fashions. Drag all your friends like I did!

I want to thank my buddy, Tyson Palmyra for being such a great prop and model buddy for this post. If you guys do the hunt please show us your great looks by posting them up in the LoveCats Flickr group!

Female Model - Sophitia Ophelia
Male Model - Tyson Palmyra

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