Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Closer Look - Metro

With LoveCats latest release of Metro it's time to take a closer look at this sexy outfit. As usual LC has out down herself, taking the simple "poncho" look to a whole other level. This outfit is full of versatility. Wear it with or without the poncho to have drastically different looks. It can be used on a high fashion runway or even at a sexy club event. Of course if neko isn't your thing (shame!) you can easily wear it without any tails or ears. The real bonus is the color choice. Four deep, rich color choices for you which of course you can easily mix and match.

A girl's best friend, black. It's the go everywhere color and do anything with shade. Goes well with so many hair options and tail options. I went with LoveCats red tail/ear set and my favorite hair color, blond.

Or perhaps purple is more your thing? We have that too! I kept the red tail and ears on then switched to a brown hair for this look. Don't you just love the fingerless gloves?

If white is more your thing we have that too! Went black hair with the pink tails and ears. Love how pink goes with white and the black hair stands out with the white outfit.

And of course the deep, sexy red outfit. Valentine's Day is coming and red is passionate color. Wore a nice brown hair along with the tail and ears from Star light...Star bright in silver.

And that's about it guys! As you can see there are many ways to wear Metro, many colors to play with and many ways to neko-fy this look. This is a very go anywhere type of look so make the best of it. As usual it's on sale for $250L on its first day of release and goes back to the usual price of $500L after that. But don't fret because LoveCats has plenty of sales and we do events with giftcard prizes so you can always aim for any of your favorite looks.

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