Sunday, April 17, 2011

LoveCats Top Model - Lars Scorpio


What does it take to be a LoveCats model? It takes hard work, dedication, loyalty and of course a great and positive attitude. What does it take to be a top model? To go above and beyond the call of duty. On time, pick up extra shifts, great customer service and  an over all beautiful personality.

We have another first everyone, our first MALE top model! As we all know LoveCats has amazing outfits for ladies but the store also has clothing for men. The store also hires male models as well and they are an important assets to the store! Our first male top model is Lars Scorpio, you've probably seen him, spoke with him hell maybe have even flirted with him! Get to know him a bit more as this top model has been made manager, even more a testament as to what being a hard working model can lead to.

How long have you been working for LoveCats?
For about a month and a half. I started on 03/02/2011

What shift do you usually work?
I usualy work the 5p-11p Tues-thrus shifts but i try to pick up extra shifts when i can.

Why do you enjoy working at LoveCats?
I enjoy working with my friends and family at LoveCats ^^ Its always fun to see what LoveCats outfits the sexy models pick to wear when their not on the stands ^^

Do you have any other modeling experience?
Just taking my own pics but LoveCats gave me my first opportunity.

Do you have any friends/family who also work at LoveCats?
Yes, one of my best friends turned me onto LoveCats but everyone is so friendly they make me feel like family. Weather their joking in groups or tuggin tails at the shop. I love my LoveCats Family ^^

What is the name of your favorite LC outfit and what draws you to it?
I wouldn't want to pick just one.. but if i had to the Defiance would have to be my favorite. I always get complements while wearing it. Its style fits my shape with minimal adjustments and looks great. Cant go wrong in black leather ;]

What do you do on SL when not at LoveCats?
I enjoy hitting the Clubs and Contests, Taking pics, Visiting with friends and family, Meeting new ppl and I try to RP in groups when i get a chance. Or taking my Choppers out for a ride.

What are some of your favorite SL hang outs?
More than likely you'll find me at LoveCats or one of the LoveCats Events.

What do you identify as on SL? Vamp, neko, fairy, hybrid, etc.
I'm just me :D

Any juicy gossip, naughty tales or silly stories you'd like to share?
Not going there :P

If you could think of any unique outfit to have LoveCat design, what would it be?

The thought of a LoveCats T-birds and Pink Ladies matching outfits gives me chills.. and their multiplying :D

Any final words for our readers?
Bring your strengths and tallents to help build up SL. Not to tear it down with drama or to take out your bad day on strangers.. But to Make it a place we can all enjoy... Remember.. there are real ppl behind the avi's. Walk a mile in their shoes.. Dont judge them, but celebrate our differences. Also.. share a smile.. their more contagious than yawns.㋡

Remember, LoveCats is always looking for hard working staff! Come in and grab an application, you may be the next top model! Stop in today!

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