Monday, April 4, 2011

March Top LoveCat Models

First, I want to thank the models for working so hard for LoveCats. Next, I would like to thank the managers who helped me pull this together.

Welcome ladies and gents to the top model picks from March! After careful thought, the managers picked their top names for the best models of the month. These models worked hard and went above and beyond the call of duty. On time, friendly, helpful and a great asset to LoveCats. Here they are!

Imogen Panacek
Valarina Camino
Persephone Nyoki
Lars Scorpio

This of course was not without hard thought and there were runners up for the top model honor.

Joanna Warcliffe
Alfonzo Darkbird
Blackhart Whitefalcon
Brooke Herberg
Edna Bluewood

So what does this mean? Well besides knowing that you kittens caught the managers' eyes you will also catch the eye of the customers!

The top picks will have a blog exclusive interview done so we can all get to know you better. A fun photo shoot as well! Each week in April a new interview will come out showcasing one of the top models.

Is that all? Who knows...there may be other magical bonuses, presents and special ways to say thank you for being such an amazing model! But it's a surprise. Also, fear not runner ups. You can always be the next top model for April or even the next month so keep working hard because we do notice!

Sophilia Ophelia will contact the top model picks when the time comes for the blog interview.
Follow the blog to know when the interviews come out!

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