Sunday, April 10, 2011

LoveCats Top Model - Persephone Nyoki

What does it take to be a LoveCats model? It takes hard work, dedication, loyalty and of course a great and positive attitude. What does it take to be a top model? To go above and beyond the call of duty. On time, pick up extra shifts, great customer service and  an over all beautiful personality.

We focus the spotlight tonight on Persephone Nyoki, one of the lovely models you'd run into during the later or early morning shifts. A lovely and unique person she is also one of the few, if perhaps only, furry model currently on staff. A shining example of how well LoveCats clothes work for different body types and how you don't have to be a human or neko to wear these great looks. No only that, she has a beautiful personality to match her beautiful avatar. So sit back and enjoy reading more about her.


How long have you been working for LoveCats?
I've been with LC as a model since January of this year.

What shift do you usually work?
I usually work the 11pm-2am shift, but I try to keep an eye out on other shifts that I'm able to work when things go awry for the managers.

Why do you enjoy working at LoveCats?

It's fun meeting all the new people who come through the doors and even more awesome to see repeat customers coming back for more.

Do you have any other modeling experience?
No, this is my first and only job. ^__^

Do you have any friends/family who also work at LoveCats?
I used to have a friend that worked at LC but due to real life complications, he had to cut back on his time online. But all is not lost, I'm making great friends of those I work with.

What is the name of your favorite LC outfit and what draws you to it?
Oooh.....that's a really tough one. Lately, I've been really adoring the "barely-there" outfits, such as "Deck the Halls", "Bubbly", "XOXO", and LC's latest "Limerick". I get the most compliments when out at clubs in those. "Star light...Star bright" is another one I can't seem to get enough of. The star pawprints are so precious and I've used the googles from the outfit in many of my rave outfits. But I think my favorite favorite has to be "Kisu". It's just the right amount of beauty, sex, and mystery. I've always been partial to Asian Culture, so naturally, this is my top fav.

What do you on SL when not at LoveCats?
SHOP! *giggles* No, seriously, I hang out with my friends, go to clubs, build things, do hunts, and explore the wonders of SL. So many interesting places to visit, you are sure never to get bored with a great friend by your side.

What are some of your favorite SL hang outs?
Besides LC? XD I hang out at my best friend's club and various sims. Like I mentioned, I enjoy exploring the sites of SL.

What do you identify as on SL? Vamp, neko, fairy, hybrid, etc.
Well, identify is such a strong word. I don't really have a set genre that I most connect with. I'm a shapeshifting kitsune, but I wouldn't say I'm a furry/neko. I'm a bit of a lot of things; dolly, steam, goth, cyberpunk, neko, fur, victorian, fae, drow, foreign.....list goes on XD

Any juicy gossip, naughty tales or silly stories you'd like to share?
Oh my! None that wouldn't get my tail in trouble. Just kidding :D I don't really have any story except that when I first joined up with SL, I joined some neko MM group which one day, led me to LC. I've admired her work for nearly 2 years come May. Even picked up a hunt item from the Storybook Hunt back in 2009, which the prize was "Scarlett". Silly that i remember minut details like that, but I loved the environment, the people, and most importantly, the clothes! The shop's name attracted me because it is also the name of one of my favorite songs....hehehe.....and with the help of a co-worker doing a photo shoot, I realized LC had used ANOTHER name of another song I quite enjoy by the same band. So kudos to her for doing that, it made her shop stand out in my mind and kept me coming back for more of her lovely designs.

If you could think of any unique outfit to have LoveCat design, what would it be?
Another toughie...hrm...I'd have to say, because I love Asian Culture so much, I'd love to see LC do a kimono outfit or a Sari. Both are quite breathtaking in real life and to have a LC spin on them, would be divine!

Any final words for our readers?
Jeez...I never know what to say.  I guess remember that SL is just that. It's not RL, so don't take the fun out of something that's suppose to bring you joy. Life's too short for drama. Have fun and enjoy your days here......and don't forget to stop in and see all us lovely ladies *and men....don't want a riot on my tail for not mentioning the hunks working here too* down here at LoveCats. Kisses and Murrs to all.

Remember, LoveCats is always looking for hard working staff! Come in and grab an application, you may be the next top model! Stop in today

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