Sunday, April 3, 2011

LoveCats Top Model - Marcy Sugarplum

What does it take to be a LoveCats model? It takes hard work, dedication, loyalty and of course a great and positive attitude. What does it take to be a top model? To go above and beyond the call of duty. On time, pick up extra shifts, great customer service and  an over all beautiful personality.

Welcome to another riveting interview with of the amazing LoveCats models, this time we get to know Marcy Sugarplum a bit better! She's been with us for a while so you've more than likely seen her face, but what makes this kitty tick? Pleasure enjoy reading as this neko diva shares her second life with us a bit more.

How long have you been working for LoveCats?
Over a year now started Mar 5, 2010

What shift do you usually work?
You will find me at LoveCats Mall Between 5-8pm Sat and Sun

Why do you enjoy working at LoveCats?
Cause it's my home away from home, and I consider everyone here as family. All the kitteh's that either work here or come here to shop are so wonderful. Everyone is upbeat and a joy to be around and love to laugh and have a good time.

Do you have any other modeling experience?
No I don't, LoveCats has been my first modeling experience ever although I have modeled in the Real World a few times.

Do you have any friends/family who also work at LoveCats?
Not persay everyone I work with is my family and I have made some wonderful friends in the time I have been here

What is the name of your favorite LC outfit and what draws you to it?
That's hard to say for I have many favorites so hard to choose from but I will choose Nikki cause it is close to home life for me. I feel like me as I am in the real world cause it's similar to what I wear when I go out with the girls. Every outfit that LoveCat makes is stupendous love every one of them.

What do you on SL when not at LoveCats?
I either hang with my sisters at there place shootin the boot , dancing at rockin clubs with the best smexy dj's on the grid, I enjoy the hunts that come up from time to time and love to shop

What are some of your favorite SL hang outs?
Star Journey wonderful place to learn about life's answers and directions, I love hanging out at LoveCats Mall the atmosphere there is so welcoming and peaceful and at my sisters house

What do you identify as on SL? Vamp, neko, fairy, hybrid, etc. 
Neko all the way you'll never find me without a tail on. Being feline shows I love to play and have a soft side but don't pull the tail the claws are

Any juicy gossip, naughty tales or silly stories you'd like to share?
Oh I tend to stay away from gossip that is how trouble starts, but do have many Naughty stories to tell but don't have time and room to write a book at the moment...RAWR

If you could think of any unique outfit to have LoveCat design, what would it be?
Hmm hard one I like to wear outfits that would bring out the tiger in you and lots sexy looking clothes

Any final words for our readers?
Always have fun no matter what you do SL does have it's hardships from time to time but your never alone.. if you need a shoulder call on someone you trust, more then likey they have been in your boat a time or two. If you ever need any smexy clothes come to LoveCats Mall there is something adorable for any occasions , and oh the most important of all.....KEEP ON SMILING

Remember, LoveCats is always looking for hard working staff! Come in and grab an application, you may be the next top model! Stop in today!

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