Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes - Anastasia

Have you ever wondered what goes on in LoveCats head? The story behind some of your favorite outfits? Now you can get a sneak peek into the world of LoveCats with this special blog exclusive interview about one of the latest LoveCats Neko Shop & Mall design; Anastasia!

What inspired you to create this latest design?
I was feeling a little dark, but sensual and vampiric. I decided on something soft and romantic but sexy

How do you decide on the name?
When I wore it as it was finished, I felt like my name might be Anastasia, something alluring like from a romance novel ;)

What was the hardest part of the outfit to design?
Finding the right skirt style.

What was the easiest part of the outfit to deisgn?
The lace bodice. I knew exactly what I wanted.

The lace is rather risque and sexy, what prompted to not have a modesty option?
I tried it on with a couple of different skins and it seemed it wasn't *too* risque... a soft trace of a nipple through a womans top is something that drives men (and women) wild. I didn't think it was overt. And with a lace top, it is only  natural.

If you could suggest a hair color/style to go with this outfit, what would it be?
Myself, I would go with something black and soft, not too full, something that lets the collar stand out and doesn't lay over the front of the outfit. The back is so sexy too, so I would keep it short or an updo.

Anything else you'd like to mention about this outfit?
I like the versatility of it, you can strip off the prims and do a best in lingerie contest- or even do the contest with the prims! I love making jewelry so I think the pieces are a nice addition and can also be used with other outfits.

Any hints to your next amazing creation?
Maybe something casual. I'll need to take a breath and see what comes to me.

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