Sunday, March 20, 2011

LoveCat Top Model - Danii Bombastic

What does it take to be a LoveCats model? It takes hard work, dedication, loyalty and of course a great and possitive attitude. What does it take to be a top model? To go above and beyond the call of duty. On time, pick up extra shifts, great customer service and  an over all beautiful personality.

This time I'm going to drop a bomb on you! We have a real bombshell of a top pick, that's for sure. This girl, she is truly the bomb! Ok, ok, ok...I'll stop with the bad puns. If you didn't get it by now, the top model this time is Danii Bombastic! This kitten has worked very hard as a model, so hard that she was even promoted to manager! However, because she was picked BEFORE that she made it into the picks for her hard work as a model in February. Enjoy reading folks. :)

How long have you been working for LoveCats?
I have been working at Lovecats since about July 2009

What shift do you usually work?
I model the 5-8am shift but now I have been promoted to one of the many wonderful LoveCat Managers and I work 8am-2pm

Why do you enjoy working at LoveCats?
I enjoy LoveCats because of the people I meet and work with and the amazing atmosphere that fills the shop.. I couldn't ask for a better place or better people to work with.. LoveCat is an amazing designer and I love to wear and model her gorgeous creations.

Do you have any other modeling experience?
No LoveCats was the first place that I ever modeled at and has been a great experience for me I have loved working here.

Do you have any friends/family who also work at LoveCats?
No I don't.. but over the time I have worked at LoveCats I have made many friends :)

What is the name of your favorite LC outfit and what draws you to it?
Hmm.. such a hard choice I could list soo many here, but I think my favourite is Savage Kitteh in tan.. because I love that the tail matches my blonde hair! and I love the headdress that flows so beautifully when you wear it.

What do you on SL when not at LoveCats?
I am either at home looking after my breedable kittys.. or shopping, looking for new things hehe..sometimes I'm exploring.. other times I am spending time with my friends just having fun or going on grid wide hunts.

What are some of your favorite SL hang outs?
I like to hang out at LoveCats of course theres always fun times to be had in the shop.. I also like hanging out at my home or friends homes and chatting.. I like to hang out at clubs and listen to some great music.. it really depends on who I am hanging out with but there are a lot of places I enjoy visiting.

What do you identify as on SL? Vamp, neko, fairy, hybrid, etc.
I am mainly a neko.. I have been a vampire but I am taking a little break from that.. I hardly ever take my tail and ears off unless its really necessary.. but if I could be a neko in RL I would definitely be one hehe.

If you could think of any unique outfit to have LoveCat design, what would it be?
Something blue.. maybe a beautiful blue evening gown would be great...or something cute and housewivey..LoveCat always thinks up amazing outfits its hard to think of anything different hehe I don't know how she does it.

Any final words for our readers?
Please visit LoveCats.. and join the update group so you can hear about all the new and featured outfits.. you wont be disappointed.. LoveCat always comes up with something new and the featured sales are worth every Linden! So if you haven't been to Lovecats before you should come in and take a look and have a chat with our wonderful models :)  The models and mangers always do an amazing job and we are all so grateful for LoveCat and her amazing talent.

Remember, LoveCats is always looking for hard working staff! Come in and grab an application, you may be the next top model! Stop in today!

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