Saturday, March 5, 2011

LoveCat Top Model - Raaven Mesmeriser

What does it take to be a LoveCats model? It takes hard work, dedication, loyalty and of course a great and possitive attitude. What does it take to be a top model? To go above and beyond the call of duty. On time, pick up extra shifts, great customer service and  an over all beautiful personality.

Today we begin the tradition and putting a spotlight on some of the hard working models that make LoveCats what it is. The men and women who greet, meet and help everyone that comes through the door. Our very first top model is Raaven Mesmeriser and as such here is an exclusive interview to get to know her a little better.

What shift do you usually work?
I'm here Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, for the 2-5pm shift.

Why do you enjoy working at LoveCats? 
I love the warm environment, it feels like you're at home with your family here.

Do you have any other modeling experience? 

Believe it or not, LoveCats is my modeling debut! My prior work experience is with hosting party events at various danceclubs!

Do you have any friends/family who also work at LoveCats? 
I'm actually a solo kitty here so far, but I'd love to invite them to join me!

What is the name of your favorite LC outfit and what draws you to it? 
Though I have many favorites, I tend to lean towards the Angel outfit. It is simple, sweet, and innocent, which makes it a refreshing change from all the color.

What do you on SL when not at LoveCats? 
I tend to either hang out with friends, or I'm at home taking care of my pets!

What are some of your favorite SL hang outs? 
I'm often at Nevermore's Speakeasy, or at Club Fluid.

What do you identify as on SL? Vamp, neko, fairy, hybrid, etc. 
I lean towards being a neko. Felines tend to be playful, yet independent, and highly loving.   They tend to suit my personality more.  Fairy can be on days when i feel like wearing somethign fun...with wings!  I'm mostly neko or human though.

Any juicy gossip, naughty tales or silly stories you'd like to share?  
Back before rezzing items was restricted to just one sandbox next to the Midnight Madness boards, we had seen people rezz items such as a a "Flying Noob" or even the "Exploding Noob!"  For the most part, people have actually been pretty courteous in the store.

If you could think of any unique outfit to have LoveCat design, what would it be? 
I'm always into something cute and fluffy, so I wouldn't mind something fun, such as a cotton candy outfit for the kitties!

Any final words for our readers? 
When on in SL, make sure you have fun, not to take anything seriously, and remember, this is just a game.  Second Life is given its name for a reason, for it's second to our normal real lives.

Remember, LoveCats is always looking for hard working staff! Come in and grab an application, you may be the next top model! Stop in today!

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